About Us

Since 1998 Seyrek Kuru Meyve is supplying raw dried fruits to the biggest exporters and presenting them high quality raw products according to their needs. By deciding to combine its knowledge on this domain with the production process , Seyrek Kuru Meyve is now building its own factory and will process final products for domestic and foreing buyers by June 2015.

By September 2015 our company will provide the healthiest and top quality final products for exports produced in accordance to the BRC regulations.

Seyrek Food has been supplying raw dried fruits to the biggest exporters of the region since 1998. By deciding to combine its knowledge on this domain with the production process, Seyrek Food built its own factory and became one of the well known dried fruit producers of the region in 2015. Today, thanks to its proactive and wise staff, the company holds Kosher, BRC food, organic food processing certificates and supplies the healthiest and top quality dried fruits to both local and foreign markets. Seyrek is also registered to the FDA. The company’s core product is dried fig but dried apricotsstrawberriesprunes, and dates are also processed and exported. Seyrek’s primary target is customer satisfaction while a hygienic production process is adopted in the facility and the healthiest dried fruits are presented to buyers. Seyrek’s strength is to be at the heart of the best figs grown in Turkey and also the knowledge on dried fruit domain. Seyrek will be proud of supplying the healthiest and the most delicious dried fruits to you.

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